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Maasai Mara African Safari Retreat
June 5, 2024 - June 10, 2024

Experience an African Safari Retreat!

We are SO excited to share that we are offering a ONCE IN A LIFE TIME experience that you can also write off on your taxes to AFRICA!!! On a SAFARI!!!

We have been working endlessly to put this together because it changed our lives so much AND we want this to be a SHARED experience!!!  We are overjoyed with the amount of support and interest from the community. If you want to ensure a spot on this retreat-sign up now! This retreat will sell out fast! Reservations are on a first come basis.

10% of all profits will go directly to a local orphanage in Kenya called Into Abba’s Arm’s. (Please see section “Why IAA” for a full explanation on why Reconnect Retreats and Travel has chosen this organization to receive donations).



*You will literally SAVE THOUSANDS OF DOLLARS by choosing us to lead your retreat. Most African Safari’s start at $12,000/per person. And this doesn’t include your airfare from Nairobi to your Safari adventure.

*It is extremely difficult to organize a Safari experience together by yourself because there are so many pieces necessary to plan it all out. Communication is difficult because of phone services and time differences. You often don’t know what you’re really getting yourself into until you there. By choosing our Retreat we take care of the stress and planning for you! All you need to do is show up. The rest is on us!

*We are providing a Safari Retreat not a Safari Camp. When you research going on a Safari you might find yourself deceived with prices. This is because many companies offer a Safari “Camp” experience versus a “Retreat” experience. Camps can be dangerous and are often not inclusive. Additionally, with a camp, most people have to pay for each service individually and the costs add up quickly-much more than the cost of the retreat being offered by this company.

*Because we know and are connected to Kenyan culture we have been able to work hard to secure an amazing deal for you. We have saved you thousands of dollars, all while offering you a life changing experience, and eliminating the stress of planning.

*By choosing Reconnect Retreats and Travel LLC you are also giving back to the community as 10% of profits are donated directly to IAA – a local Kenyan orphanage (See Why IAA for more information on this orphanage)

African elephants


We invite you to come on a once in a life time journey with us and RECONNECT with yourself, your dreams, visions, and inner child while experiencing this absolutely amazing and majestic wildlife experience of the Maasai Mara African Safari!


Choose YOU! As a counselor, the love language I challenge myself to speak is self-care! We all deserve to treat ourselves and prioritize our wants and needs. Going on an African Safari is on many people’s bucket list and now you have the opportunity to do it without planning it all out!

You will love and thank yourself forever that you chose to go on this incredible adventure. You will eat extremely well, have incredible community and fellowship, have a new cultural experience, and partake in one of the most amazing adventures of your life! I encourage you to choose you this time and join us on this amazing adventure!



We are offering a 6 hours of training in cultural diversity that will be focused on how our cultural constructs impacts the therapy room when working with folks from different cultures – African & Arabic cultures specifically. There will be different Kenyan tribes represented here to share about the white and American influence on Kenyan tribal culture and talk about other issues such as gender  and how Kenyan tribes have been impacted and influenced. We will of course tie this into how we approach such differences in the therapy room to avoid creating harm. We ALL have work to do and this is a great way to challenge yourself to grow!

Are you interested but need a little more information before you reserve your spot? Send us your contact information and we will be in touch.

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Where We Are Staying

The Retreat Facility
The Fairmont Mara Safari Club is located in the renowned Maasai Mara Game Reserve, home to the great Wildebeest migration. The club, set on the foot of the Aitong Hills offers luxuriously furnished tents featuring four-posted beds, en suite faculties, and private decks overlooking the hippo filled Mara River. The property features an outdoor swimming pool, lounge and restaurant, and exciting game drives accompanied by the most scenic sundowner cocktails and dining experience.

The Rooms:
Luxuriously furnished tents with four-poster beds and en suite facilities. They have a spacious private deck overlooking the river giving a vantage view of the crocodiles and hippos below. All tents reflect the rich local Maasai heritage complete with modern day amenities including cold running water and solar heated water, a refreshment centre, in-room safe, and power outlets. The room size is 220 square feet.



(Per Person)

7 Days / 6 Nights
Luxuriously Furnished Tents
African Safari
Amazing Activities
$1000 Deposit Required



(Per Person)

7 Days / 6 Nights
Luxuriously Furnished Tents
African Safari
Amazing Activities
$1000 Deposit Required

Is a deposit required to reserve my spot?
Yes. You are required to put down $1000 non-refundable deposit per person due upon registration.


Daily Game Drives
You will be busy with about 2 game drives a day that last 2-3 hours each drive. Here you will experience the majestic lands of the African plants and the Aitong Hills. You will see many animals as you drive around to find the Big 5- Lions, Leopards, Elephants, Buffalo, and Rhinos! In addition to the Big 5 you will see Giraffes, Zebras, Hyenas, many types of antelopes, hippos, crocodiles, Wildebeests, Monkey’s, Topi, Jackals, Warthog, Cheetahs, and dik-diks!


Private Dinner at the Maasai Boma
Indulge in an unforgetting dining experience under the stars at Boma Restaurant. The Boma is a truly authentic outdoor restaurant designed like a traditional Maasai manyatta (homestead). The African themed venue provides the perfect backdrop for a locally inspired barbeque menu accompanied by local dishes. (Vegan or have food sensitives- you will have plenty of options and chef will cook to order for those with gluten intolerance)


Bush Walk
A 1.5 to 2 hour walking safari outside the camp accompanied by a resident naturalist, 2 Maasai warriors and one armed security guard. Apart from physical exercise, you will be able to see and learn about medicinal plants, different species of birds and general ecosystem of the Mara. This usually commences at 8am.


Bird Walk
A guide will take you bird watching within the camp after breakfast. Your binoculars will come in handy during this walk where you get to see the various species inhabiting the Mara ecosystem


Night Game Drive
A driver will take you for a one hour game drive where you get to experience Maasai Mara by night. Some of the nocturnal animals you get to see include the hippopotamus, white tailed mongoose, and spring hares among others. Drive starts at 830 after dinner.


Visit to the Maasai Village
Take a drive to the Manyetta where you will get to see and learn about the Maasai cultures as you interact with the locals in the village. You will also get an opportunity to shop for Maasai art and jewelry.


Sundowner Cocktails
Aitong Hills is the ideal spot for a memorable sundowner cocktail experience. The serving of cocktails with breathtaking backdrop of the sunset over the Mara plains starts with an evening game drive to the site with camp chairs and a large bonfire. Our chef will tempt you with a selection of hot and cold canapes served with an array of drinks for the one hour magical experience. Cocktails are served from 5:45 till 6:30 and optional.


There is an outdoor swimming pool open from 8am to 6pm daily. All children must be accompanied by an adult at all times as there is no lifeguard on duty.


Massage Treatments
To crown the safari adventure, professional massages are offered in a unique tent located in the serene surroundings overlooking the Mara River. Everyone gets a 30 min back massage!

Extra optional a la carte activities:

Balloon Safari: USD 500/per person
The adventure begins just before dawn. After your early morning wakeup call with either tea, coffee, or hot chocolate, a guide will transfer you to a balloon launch site where the pilot will give a short briefing on safety and procedures. The balloon soars over the vast Mara ecosystem for about one hour before landing in the open plains in time for a bush breakfast were champagne corks pop into the air to toast the safe landing. After breakfast, enjoy a short game drive en route to the camp.

Romantic Private Deck Dinner: USD 30/per person. Minimum 2 guest required
Indulge in an intimate dinner served on the private deck of your tent or other spot within the camp grounds. The chef will tantalize your taste buds with an array of dishes served on the candle lit deck of the banks of the Mara River.

Bush Breakfast: USD 40/person with minimum of 4 guests
The bush breakfast, served after your morning game drive or nature walk is an additional option for those who want to try something different. The setup is done in an open space in the Mara plains where the chef will tempt you with an array of fresh juices, cereals, pastries, egg dishes from a live cooking station and beverages. Breakfast is served at about 830am

Bush Dinner: USD 50/person with minimum of 4 guests
Enjoy a delectable bush dinner at an exclusive location about 10 minutes’ drive from the camp. The experience starts with a short game drive where you will get to see hippos as the go to feed for the night. Upon arrival, you will be welcomed by Maasai dancers as you sit around a big bonfire, culminating in a. mouth-watering barbeque dinner as you listen to nocturnal sounds of the wild animals at a distance. Dinner begins at 8 pm.



Are you interested but need a little more information before you reserve your spot? Send us your contact information and we will be in touch.

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